Sustainable datacenters

We have a focused environmental strategy, where our datacenters are very energy effective, but without any sacrifice in performance of security. Our own new built datacenter in Vallentuna, Stockholm uses only renewable energy, and all the heat us recycled trough the  district heating in Vallentuna Kommun.

We are using several datacenters, but our primary location is our own built new DCS01 in Vallentuna, north of Stockholm. To summarize, DCS01 is one of the greenest datacenters in the world, with main focus on energy recycling and energy effective technics and cooling systems.


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All our solutions related to energy and cooling is developed with the environment in focus. The equipment in a datacenter is always running, and the energy that is used is converted to heat which in it’s turn requires cooling. Normally the cooling process uses a lot of energy (on top of the energy used to power the datacenter itself). To messure the effectivness of this process, the PUE (Power Usage Effectivness) number is used. A PUE on 2.0 means it requires the same amount of energy to cool the equipment, as is being used to actually run it (1+1), while a PUE on 1,5 means it requires 50% of the energy to cool as to run (1+0,5).

Our intention is to keep our PUE below 1,1 – which is to be seen as very effective. To minimize our environment impact even more, we are recyling the heat generated in to the district heating network. This energy otherwise needs to be generated somewhere else, which means that basically our impact on the environment energy wise is basically zero.

Binero Groups infrastructure is dimensioned for effects ut to 1 MW. Our provider (E.ON) has two separate transformers on site which is sized at 3 MW each. Fully developed, this site can power almost 1/3 of Vallentunas heat needs.


The property is surrounded by an electrified fence connected directly to surveillance trough external companies. The building is fully concrete, and all doors are security class 4, which makes it really hard to get access to the facility by physical means. The area is also guarded by personel every day of the year.

There are numerous of additional protections added – and the alarm and passaging system is very sophisticated. We always know who is in the DC, as well as where and when. Everything is also directly connected to the law enforcement.

DCS01 has the best fire protection possible (Novec gas and detectors that notices the smalles tendency for fire in any area) and automatically puts the fire out by lowering the oxygen levels (without being dangerous for staff inside).

You can read more about this DC in our DCS01 folder (Swedish)