Security in the cloud

Services and applications in the cloud have been more important and business critical for most organizations – not least by the improved effectiveness the constant access to all services from basically everywhere.

It is easer than ever to share data and resources trough cloud collaboration. On the minus side, the usage of the cloud also makes it more possible for attackers and exploiters to direct their efforts toward your organisation.

Multiple access points does mean “more places to penetrate”. A big report from Verizon on data breaching during 2018 shows that 58 percent of all attacks was aimed toward SMBs. Sadly – these are also the companies with the most lacking security procedures and knowledge when it comes to cloud services.

Some of the most common security related issues in the cloud is:

  • Stealing of sensitive data
  • Breaches in to password protected systems
  • Malware infections
  • Hacked UIs
  • Permanent dataloss
  • Abuse of cloud services (ddos, phishing etc)
  • Insider threats
  • Account spoofing/hijacking



Don’t get scared of this. By keeping a simple procedure of keeping security in mind in your organisation you will make it less likely to ever encounter these problems. Here is a short list of stuff to think about:

  • Never disregard the network security
  • Always use strong passwords, and 2FA where possible
  • Enable encryption of data
  • To offsite backup – for real.
  • Create a clear and solid security polic for your employees and users
  • Make sure that you know where your data is located!
  • Make plans on how you should handle any disaster – if it does happen.